There are nine categories for the 2018 Duty of Care Awards.

  1. Communications- This award recognises the effective communications campaigns or programs that mitigate travel, health or security risk to mobile workers. 

  2. Resilient care- This award recognises developing organisational robustness to protect the health, security and safety of people working in challenging, extreme or remote environments.  

  3. Innovation- This award recognises new or novel approaches to identifying, managing and mitigating risk, including utilising advancements in technology.

  4. Thought Leadership- This award recognises the best survey, research or analysis to better understand or mitigate risks linked to working abroad.  

  5. Remote Healthcare- This category recognises healthcare initiatives that prevent or reduce accidents, illness and injuries and achieves good clinical outcomes in challenging or remote locations.

  6. Ambassador of Duty of Care- This category recognises an individual who has made significant impact in protecting people travelling and working abroad.

  7. Education- This category recognises effective programs that mitigate health, security and travel risks to students, faculty and others staff in the education sector.

  8. Aviation- This award recognises leading general and commercial aviation organisations that demonstrate best practice in protecting the health, security and safety of passengers and employees while travelling in the air or at their destination.   

  9. Sustainability- This category recognises the role of Duty of Care and Travel Risk Management in an organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability program.  


There are four core assessment criteria common to each award. Judges will assess each award for completeness, depth and how clearly they meet the criteria below. 

  1. Performance Improvement – What results were achieved?

  2. Leadership and Management Commitment – What role did leaders and managers play in the project?

  3. Stakeholder Engagement – How were internal (and external where applicable) stakeholders involved and engaged in this project?

  4. Longevity – How will this project continue to deliver value / benefits to the health and safety of workers?
All entries for a Duty of Care Award must demonstrate measurable results and improvements that can be objectively observed and assessed. 



This year, the Awards entry process is fully electronic and can be completed online. On 8 January, we will open dedicated website to submit entries.  Awards Entry Terms and Conditions can be found here.


All entries except for *Ambassador require:

  1. Executive Summary in support of the specific category (Max. 100 words)

  2. Programme Description in support of the specific category (Max 1,000 words)

  3. Organisation or Company logo. Optional: You can include attachments such as PPT, photos, videos or website to support your entry.

*The Ambassador category requires:

  • Entry statement (Max 500 words)
  • Two signed supporting statements from employer, client or partner
  • CV or Resume
  • Organisation or Company logo