frequently asked questions

1. How to apply for the Duty of Care Awards?

To apply for the Duty of Care Awards, please visit:


2. Can I amend my entry once submitted?

Yes. After you submit an entry, you will be able to make amendments up until the deadline of 30 April 2019. To amend your entry, simply log in to the platform using your credentials:


3. Is there a fee to submit an entry?

There is no fee to apply. 


4. Can I submit an entry in several different categories?

No. An applicant may enter up to two Awards categories, providing each submission reflects different initiatives.


5. Who can apply for the Duty of Care Awards?

The awards are global and open to all organisations, individuals and NGOs across all industries and sizes.


6. What information do I need to submit an entry?

In order to submit an award entry you will need:

  • Description of the project, campaign initiative or programme.
  • Supporting documentation, evidence, videos, presentations, etc.
  • High resolution company logo.
  • CV of entrant (only if applying for the Ambassador of Duty of Care)
  • Two sponsorship statements from the employer, client or partner (only if applying for the Ambassador of Duty of Care)


7. What are the assessment criteria?

There are four core assessment criteria common to each award. Judges will assess each award for completeness, depth and how well it meets the criteria below:

  1. Performance Improvement - What results were achieved?
  2. Leadership and Management Commitment - What role did leaders and managers play in the project?
  3. Stakeholder Engagement - How were internal (and external where applicable) stakeholders involved and engaged in this project?
  4. Longevity - How will this project continue to deliver value/benefits to the health and safety of workers?


8. When and where is the Award ceremony held?

The 2019 Duty of Care Awards ceremony will be held on 17 October 2019 in Shanghai, China. The venue for the event is the Grand Kempinski Hotel.


9. Who should I contact if I have other questions?
If your question is not listed in this section, please send us an enquiry to